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August 16 2016 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

MANA marianne marina miracle

MANA is a small, super cozy salon for skin, body and soul. The salon is owned by skin beautician Marianne Feydt.

I met Marianne when we had a stand at the Health & Beauty Fair. Marianne told me that she really should start investing in green, natural skin care brands. Marianne tested our products carefully and she was very pleased with the results. She is now one of our retailers and are using Marina Miracle products in her skin care treatments.

MANA Røyken marianne marina miracle

MANA offers skin care, stress management, psychotherapy ETC. At MANA you get a chance to take a break from everyday life.

Marianne's saying is: Take care of yourself - YOU are important!

For visiting this great lounge go to Spikkestadveien 96, 3440 Røyken :)