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Benedicte from Top Model Scandinavia

September 06 2016 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Benedicte Haugaard

Photo: Benedicte Haugaard

Benedicte Haugaard is a lovely girl with an amazing blog! She also participates in this year's TV series 'Top Model Scandinavia' on FEM. She has used our products for about two years and has written a post about her favorite Marina Miracle products.

Benedicte writes:

'' I'm getting daily questions about how I manage to keep my skin clear and healthy - both because I've struggled with hormonal and metabolic problems, but also because I kept getting acne due to stress. My skin hates perfumes, parabens and other unnatural additives - therefore I have to use natural skin care. Marina Miracle is a Norwegian brand with Norwegian-produced products. They are free from all the garbage your skin does not need and they are pet friendly and kind to the environment. I've used Marina Miracles skin care, cleanser, mask and eyelash serum for almost two years and have been very satisfied.

My favorite products from Marina Miracle is the oil cleanser, eyelash serum, night serum and hydration mask. The other products are also good, but I feel my skin requires more grain in facial peel and a moisturizer with less oil under makeup during the day. If you are struggling with dry skin instead of oily then herbal face oil is absolutely fantastic! Both my mom and grandmother uses these oils and are very happy with the products.

Benedicte haugaard tester marina miracle

Photo: Benedicte Haugaard

The oil cleanser smells naturally good, it is gentle and feels nice on your face and have a wonderful soft texture I have never known before. The Shea Hydration Mask leaves skin silky soft and is perfect to use before Argan Night Serum before bedtime. The Eyelash Serum is so good that it deserves its own blog article, and it will be served to you already next week! This is not affiliate links, so I earn nothing to recommend these products. I just wanted to give you a good, animal-friendly and natural skin care tip before the weekend ♥ ''

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