Marigold or Calendula officinalis

Marigold - Calendula Officinalis

♦ The petals are edible and are used medically

♦ Disinfects wounds

♦ Reduces acne and redness

♦ Good against eczema and itchy skin

♦ Expedite healing of skin

The petals of the flower ring is edible and has been used for centuries culinary and medicinal. During the American Civil War Marigold was used on open wounds because they disinfect and accelerate the healing.

Carotenoid is the substance that gives the Marigold / calendula the yellow to orange red color. Calendula also contains flavonoid substance which will act anti-inflammatory both when eaten as a flower or used as oil on your skin.

The petals of the flower ring is recognized today for its healing effect and is often used in skin care. Marigold will treat acne, sunburn, blackheads, eczema and dermatitis.
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