Norwegian Angelica

angelica flower

Angelica - Norwegian Angelica Archangelica

♦ The plant smells very sweet

♦ Heals infections

♦ Food grade (you can eat it)

♦ Used as medicine

♦ Evens out the skin

Angelica is a plant that smells sweet and has edible stems and roots. This flower is very similar in appearance to several poisonous flowers and must always be identified before it is used. Angelica grows wild Norway. This plant has long been used as a medical plant. It has unique abilities to heal infections. It is also used to treat respiratory problems, fever and flu. Sami (natives of northern Norway) has used this plant for generations as medicine.

Archangelica comes from the Greek word 'Arkhangelos' meaning Archangel, because of the myth that it was Archangel Michael who told that this plant was a medicine.

Angelica has healing effect on the skin. It smooths the skin and help fight infection and therefore you will find it in our Herbal Face Oil and Acne Fight Serum.

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