argan oil in marina miracle products

Argan - Argania Spinosa

♦ Luxurious oil from Morocco

♦ A high content of Vitamin E

♦ Rich in antioxidants

♦ Treats wrinkles and dry skin

♦ Firming effect

Argan oil is extracted from the argan nut growing on argan trees in Morocco. This oil is often referred to as The Golden Oil or Liquid Gold. Argan is known for its excellent ability to provide moisture to the skin while tightening up and giving a new glow to the face.

Argan oil is used both in cooking, hair care and skin care. It is a versatile, luxurious oil that can be used for almost everything.

Argan oil has a high content of vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants that can help with everything from dry skin and wrinkles to psoriasis, eczema and blemishes. The oil is also very light and absorbs quickly.

The oil has for centuries been used by women in Morocco but now more and more people swear to the argan oil as one of nature's most effective moisturizing oils. Argan oil from Morocco will give your face a new radiance while firming and provides deep moisture. This amazing oil can be found in our Argan Night Serum and Eyelash Serum.

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