MSM - The best beauty mineral for the skin


MSM - MethylSulfonylMethane / DimethylSulfone (DMSO)

○ Increases collagen and elasticity of the skin

○ The ultimate 'beauty mineral'

○ Helps other active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin


What is MSM?

MSM is a type of sulfur that can be found in all plants and tissues (the skin). In the human body it acts as the "glue" that holds our amino acid chains together - the building blocks of the skin.

MSM is nature's ultimate beauty mineral due to its unique ability to restore collagen and keratin in the skin that is the foundation of healthy skin.

This mineral is often also used for pain relief, arthritis, tendonitis, muscle cramps and scar tissue.


How does MSM work in skin care?

A great function of this amazing mineral is its absorption enhancing ability. MSM has an excellent ability to increase the absorption of other nutritious, active ingredients and make them more receptive to the skin, which is very beneficial in an anti-aging cream. In other words, the skin care product will work much better when you have MSM in it.

MSM helps against free radicals because it improves the body's ability to use antioxidants.

Due to the high level of sulfur in MSM, it can also help with acne and inflammation of the skin.

MSM does even more than smooth out wrinkles and fight pimples. It also soothes irritated skin, hydrates dry skin, reduces scar tissue, improves wound healing and soothes redness of the skin (rosacea).


What is special about the MSM we use?

We use a food-grade MSM that is edible and of very high quality. Our MSM will active and efficiently improve the skin.


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