AHA - Natural fruit acid

AHA Fruit Acid

AHA - Alpha Hydroxy Acid / Glycolic Acid

♦ Found in citrus fruits and sugarcane

♦ Exfoliating

♦ Eliminates imperfections and lines

♦ Increases cell renewal

♦ Suitable for impure and mature skin

AHA fruit acids are based on natural glycolic acid derived from sugar cane and citrus fruits. AHA works exfoliating and effectively removes dead skin cells and make room for new, healthy cells. The acid cleanses pores in depth and minimizing unevenness in skin and face.

AHA is well suited for mature skin. The acid starts cell renewal and stimulates the skin's production of collagen and elastin so the skin's elasticity is improved and wrinkles minimized. AHA also increases the skin's own production of moisture-binding substances and prevents dry skin.

Glycolic acid, which has the smallest molecular size, is the fruit acid with the greatest bioavailability and penetrates the skin easily. AHA fruit acid penetrates deep into the skin and lets the natural fine oils in our Argan Night Serum penetrate deeper and work more efficiently. AHA will smooth out the skin surface, skin tone and add glow to the face.

We only use a few drops per bottle of AHA because the fruit acid is strong, but also because a few drops are enough for the desired effect and it is gentler on the skin.

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