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Simple summer skin care routine

August 06 2016 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Summer skin care marina miracle

My daily skin care routine changes in the summer. A good skin care routine will keep your skin healthy and looking younger. It will also help against acne and blemishes.


I tend to get blemishes and acne in the summer. I use sunscreen every day to protect my skin, it can clog the pores and cause acne. But I think I would rather have a few pimples than wrinkles from sun exposure, so using sunscreen is an easy choice.


Every morning and evening

I cleanse with Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser every morning and evening. This facial cleanser is gentle and will not strip away the oils that we have naturally in the skin. It will cleanse the skin and makes the skin to feel soft and clean. After cleansing, I use 6 drops of the Acne Fight Serum. After that I apply my sunscreen.


Once a week

Marina miracle ansiktsmaske rosehip

I use Rosehip Peeling Mask once a week to get a deep cleanse and to detox and pull out impurities from the skin. I start with a clean face and put the mask on. Using face mask is a relaxing ritual in my busy everyday life. I watch my favorite tv series or a good movie and drink a large glass of water with a slice of lemon to really detox from inside out. I leave the mask on for about 60 minutes. The last 2 minutes I massage all the sugar grains in the mask into the my face to get a good peeling. I always wash the mask off with a muslin cloth (these can be purchased in most skin care salons). Then I use 5 drops of the Argan Night Serum. After this routine my skin stays really nice several days afterwards.

Marina Miracle argan night serum dropper

I can recommend this skin care routine to anyone who gets blemishes in summer, but who still need to hydrate their skin. When I do this routine my blemishes disappear and my skin glows and looks so healthy.


If you struggle with dry skin you can use Herbal Face Oil in your daily skin care routine and when you want to use a face mask choose the Shea Hydration Mask

Have great summer! :)