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Our products used in education for skin care therapist at Tone Lise Academy

October 14 2018 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Tone Lise Akademiet hudpleieskole marina miracle

Hudpleiestudenter og Marina Miracle hos Tone Lise Akademiet

Marina og Kinga hos Tone Lise Akademiet

Marina Miracle is now at the prestigious Tone Lise Academy and will be used to teach their skin care students and also sold at the Tone Lise boutique.

Tone Lise tested our products herself even when she looked for brands to use in the skin care school. Tone Lise told her that she liked our products very well while she was thrilled that it was completely natural and made in Norway.


Tone Lise Academy

Tone Lise Academy offers education and courses in nail design, makeup, skin care therapy, feet therapy and eyelash design. Their education program is approved by NOKUT, which means that they meet the strict requirements of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, and all are supported by the official Norwegian Loan Fund for students. Tone Lise Academy is one of the country's oldest, most famous and largest education centers in the area of beauty and well-being.


Loved by the skin care teachers

We have held some courses now for both employees and for the skin care students at the TL Academy and it's so much fun every time! Kinga, a skincare teacher at the academy, says to us after the course:

'Thank you for the course! Thank you for the amazing products and interesting presentation. I went home with lots of inspiration and joy. Went straight to the bathroom and tried the products. My skin was properly boosted, softened, moistened, lines disappeared, pigments became less visible. I have a skin that is quite resistant, but with my 45 years it begins to show signs of aging. As a professional skin therapist, I treat my skin with the best products in the market, but what I experience now is absolutely exceptional. I love Marina Miracle's products! I am so lucky to get work with the products and introduce them to future therapists.'