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''The Worlds Best Face Oil''

March 15 2017 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Costume verdens deiligste ansiktsolje Marina Miracle Herbal Face Oil

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In the latest issue of COSTUME, Norway's biggest fashion and beauty magazine, you can read the list of must-have beauty products by fashion journalist and stylist Mette Mortensen. She has our Herbal Face Oil on her list and this is what she said about it:

''The world's best face oil and it's from Oslo!
This is definitely a beauty product worth testing!''

Mette Mortensen Costume Marina Miracle ansiktsolje

Mette Mortensen has for the past 10 years worked as a fashion journalist and stylist at COSTUME magazine. She has become a known name within the fashion industry here in Norway. Mette is always looking for that unique and special touch in both fashion, interiors and beauty.


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