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Shea Hydration Mask just got better!

September 24 2020 – Martin Engervik

We will always continue to make our existing products even better if it's possible. Shea Hydration Mask has been a big favorite among many of our customers, but now we have made it even better! The mask still has the lovely, soft texture and the wonderful scent, but now it gives the skin even better moisture and hydration!


sjekk100% NATURAL



sjekk100% FOOD GRADE




Video of the re-launch


3 important upgrades

1. Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is often called the ultimate moisturizer and moisture binder, and now that we have developed a completely unique hyaluronic acid, we could not help but formulate this into our moisture mask (you can find this amazing hyluronic acid in our Amaranth Day Cream also). We combine both low molecule and regular hyaluronic acid with large molecules, so that we can hydrate the skin at all levels. It is super effective for dry and dehydrated skin, for mature and chapped skin and to even out fine lines.

The skin can easily 'drink' our unique blend of hyaluronic acids and it gives the skin a fantastic 'plump' glow.

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2. Spirulina

Now we can finally say that Shea Hydration Mask is VEGAN! And that means that all Marina Miracle products are vegan, the whole series is completely vegan.

Previously, we used pearl powder to get increased glow and minerals to the skin, but we have now completely removed this and replaced it with spirulina. Which is also even better for the skin. We use an organic certified spirulina of very high quality that's so pure that it's food grade and can be used as a dietary supplement.

Our spirulina is very potent and will give your skin a proper nutritional kick and increase glow and moisture so that your skin becomes healthy and supple.

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3. Probiotic fermented oat

Oats have wonderful properties when it comes to providing moisture and to soothe the skin.

Our oats are certified organic and are also food grade. We use both powdered oats, whole grains and sprouts from oats. The grains and sprouts are probiotic fermented using our own unique fermentation process. That way you get absolutely all the goodies that oats have to offer, all vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and micronutrients.

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