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Mechanical and enzyme peeling

May 10 2019 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Enzympeeling og mekanisk peeling

To peel the skin means to remove dead skin cells so that the new skin cells comes to the surface. Then the skin gets a fresh and beautiful glow. When using a peeling regularly your everyday skincare products will be absorbed better and deeper into the skin and the effects of the products will be maximised. Other benefits with peeling your skin is that it will reduce fine lines, minimize breakouts and pigmentation and improves dry skin. By peeling the skin, the hydration levels will increase and gives a fresh glow to the skin. The two most common peeling methods are mechanical and enzyme peeling.


Mechanical peelingHva er mekanisk peeling


Mechanical peeling is the most common way and uses grains/seeds to scrub the skin.


In scrubs/peelings, grains from different materials can be used, such as the peel from seeds and nuts such as coconut and jojoba. Synthetic particles can also be added that is made of plastic (miroplastics).


Mechanical peeling happens when you massage the scrub on your face. With the pressure with the fingertips you can decide yourself how hard peeling you want to do in regards on how sensitive skin you have. Mechanical peeling removes dead skin cells and peels the upper skin layer so the skin gets soft, smooth and cleansed.


Enzyme peelingenzym peeling


Enzyme peeling is a peeling that is really effective to remove dead skin cells because the enzymes dissolves the connections between the dead skin cells so they let go. The enzymes also “eats” a lot of the dead skin cells.


    Enzyme peeling is really good for sensitive and irritated skin types because this form of peeling, even though it is effective is also really mild and gentle.


      Enzyme peeling is in face masks you rub on your skin and let them be on for a while to let the enzymes do their job. Enzymes can be found in plants, fruit and grain/seed types such as sugar, papaya and pineapple. The skin will feel really soft, smooth even and have a fresh glow after using an enzyme peel.


          Rosehip Peeling Mask

          Marina Miracle Rosehip peeling Mask contains both mechanical and enzyme peeling so you get the best of both worlds. When applying the mask the enzymes from sugars will start dissolving and “eat” the dead skin cells. After 15-30 minutes your skin has gotten an enzyme peeling and you can choose to go further with mechanical peeling.

          If you have really sensitive skin the enzyme peeling can be enough, then you just wash of the mask without performing the mechanical peeling. If you want the mechanical peeling as well you massage the mask into your skin as a scrub so the sugar grains from organic raw cane sugar gives a mild mechanical peeling. You can decide the pressure yourself depending on how sensitive your skin is.

          Since Rosehip Peeling Mask contains both mechanical and enzyme peeling is this a perfect mask that cleanses and exfoliates your skin deeply in a gentle way, it is really effective and is suited for all skin types. It creates a perfect base for a hydration mask such as the Shea Hydration Mask and will also increase the effect of your everyday skincare routine.


          Written by Hanne Garnvik, Marina Miracle Nederland