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Maya reveals the best skin care for winterskin

January 09 2017 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Maya from swedish naturligtsnygg reviews marina miracle

Photo: Maya

Maya Nestorov is the founder of the healthy lifestyle concept 'Rawfit' and she is very involved in rawfood, training and vegan diet. Maya writes for Sweden's largest natural beauty blog,, and she has recently tested and reviewed several of our products. This is her review:


I give my winterskin the best of Marina Miracle

''Since Christmas I have tried skincare products from the Norwegian brand Marine Miracle. I became very curious about them after a friend came home with the eyelash serum. With the serum I got a sample of their argan night serum and oh my god what a results I have experienced. I promise I am not exaggerate now & this is not a paid cooperation, but only after a few times using it all my spots went away. You can of course imagine that when my little test product ended I was longing for a big bottle and more of her products. 


The brand is founded by a Norwegian girl named Marina, where she long suffered from various skin problems like eczema, acne, irritated skin, etc. She tried various products with harsh toxic chemicals to get rid of her symptoms but nothing was helping. It rather made things worse. At last she got tired of failing and started to develop her own products with 100% natural ingredients. Where pure oils is her main focus.
Oils that do miracles with your skin & hair have been used in many cultures a long time so you can understand the name Marina Miracle!


So I have the last few weeks been testing the following products from Marina miracle: Argan night serum, eyelash serum, Herbal Face Oil, Sweet & creamy cleanser Oil & Rosehip exfoliating mask. I have long been looking for a night serum that gives me precisely the effect that Marina Miracle night serum does. Thanx to this oil I wake up with a smoother skin than I had before I came in my adolescence (not exaggerating) and as  I wrote before all my little spots are completely gone. Its a Marine miracle, really! I love the Argan night serum that has a light scent of apricot, almonds, argan. It also contains evening primrose oil and AHA fruit acids, which exfoliate, moisturize and smooth out the skin.

Maya reviews marina miracle rosehip peeling mask

Maya reviews sweet and creamy oil cleanser

Photo: Maya

Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser

This cleanser has a “milky” consistency with a touch of oil. It has the scent of my favorite fruit coconut and is the first cleanser that can handle my YSL mascara. Thumbs up! It also contains juice from the broccoli and alfalfa. Leaves skin moisturized, clean and soft. I am in other words a big fan already only just a few uses and I will continue to use this for a long time.

Eyelash Serum

This serum I have used since Christmas and I still do not feel a very big difference, but I will give it a chance. Regardless, it is always a good idea to give your lashes nourishing oils.

Herbal Face Oil

This oil is just as fine in texture as the night serum, but you use it during the day. It moisturizes nicely, as it is packed with nourishing oils like jojoba and avocado. You are left with a smooth skin & you do not feel oily. 

Rosehip Peeling Mask

This product is a mask / exfoliating in one, with raw cane sugar exfoliation. I really like it because it has a “muddy” texture and lightly exfoliate when you wash it away. However, the product is far too little and runs out very quickly. Would have liked a larger package, since I use a mask several times a month. All the products get a good review and I look forward to continuing to give my skin the best.

Have a nice Saturday amazing you. Love Maya''

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