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Review from Canadian "Living Pretty Naturally"

October 22 2015 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

living pretty naturally marina miracle is a reputable Canadian beauty blog that focuses on natural beauty. Kate, the girl behind the blog, is passionate about natural beauty products that are both safe and effective. She has kept her blog for several years. We met her in Oslo and now she has tested and recommended some of our products as well. 

This is what Kate has to say:

Living in Norway has afforded me the luxury of a great many things — including being first in the know about brands using Nordic ingredients to bring out your most natural beauty. Northern European women tend to have the most beautiful skin – while some of that might have to do with the lack of sun (and therefore sun damage), I think it also relates to the natural ingredients and healthy diet that they have as part of their culture of being close to nature.

One such lovely brand that I want to scream from the rooftops about is Marina Miracle. This Norwegian beauty has handcrafted her own skincare line after going through her own skincare troubles. The result is a line of seriously pure and beautiful products with ingredients that are made for beautiful skin.

living pretty naturally photo of marina miracle

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In my opinion, her star product? The Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser – a 2 in 1 facial cleanser and makeup remover. This product is something I have been looking for, for a long while. A cream cleanser that is super pure (yup, you can eat it – the ingredients are food-grade), extremely gentle AND takes of eye makeup (even the most stubborn) without needing to “rub” the eye lashes.


It’s cream based, and when mixed with water, actually forms a milky consistency that is brilliant for use all over the face.


ansiktsrens fra marina miracle

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The star ingredients? Coconut oil and sunflower seed oil and sprout juice (from broccoli and alfalfa, who’s enzymes work to clean your skin ever so gently).

To use, I gently washed my face with warm water, removing as much makeup as I could before using 2 pumps of the cleanser on my face and neck. After rinsing with warm water, I used my muslin cloth to remove any residue (post on that coming soon).


Kate skriver videre om vår Herbal Face Oil, som har blitt hennes favoritt-ansiktsolje.

And you would think, what about the moisture and anti-aging products? Well, Marina Miracle has you covered there too. My fave of her facial oils? The daily Herbal Face Oil which boasts a beautiful blend of hyper-moisturizing Avocado oil (yes, this stuff is perfect for dry skinned lovelies), jojoba oil and aloe leaf juice. The additions of Norwegian Angelica, ginger root and White Turmeric = antioxidant galore, the perfect defence for your anti-aging wishes.

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There is even an addition of tea tree essential oil (which you should watch out for if pregnant) which will also fight those unsightly spots while the rest of the ingredients hydrate and fight off free radicals.

This is a super oil – but not ideal for beauties with very oily skin. It’s rich, rich, rich and so you need only a few drops to cover your face and neck. I have been using this both day and night – with the exception of nights that I was using her Argan Oil Night Serum (coming up in a future post) and have loved the texture and tone of my skin.

To use, I recommend shaking first to combine the oils (which have a tendency to separate). Apply by massaging over your face in a circular motion. I use about 5 drops.

Thank you so much Kate for the lovely review! You can see her beautiful page here!