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Norwegian Blogger Reviews Skin Care For Men

October 05 2015 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Jan Erik often tests products in collaboration with the Norwegian top skin care blogger, Hilde Christina, Jan Erik writes honest and detailed reviews. Jan has Erik tested our two products for men: Active Face Oil and Reload Night Serum.

Jan Erik begins the review by telling that he has always been wary of the using oils in his skin care routine, because he often experience getting acne outbreaks using oil products, which he recently witnessed with another brand. But get this; Jan Erik had a completely different experience with Marina Miracle products for men.

The review for Active Face Oil:

active face oil

''The design of the product is very "masculine" with a black bottle with white lettering and the product is take out using a dropper. Recommended amount is 4-6 drops, but see for yourself on how much product you need for your skin. The oil can replace cream or be used as a serum under the creme...

First I cleanse the skin, then I go over with a toner and afterwards I apply around five drops of the face oil - this is the amount I have found is optimal for my skin.''

As mentioned earlier, Jan Erik experienced an acne outbreak of another brand before he started to test our products. Jan Erik continues about Active Face Oil:

''This face oil is safe for acne prone skin, it has not caused me to break out and even if it is active, it has only stimulated my skin positively and I noticed a big improvement on the acne I got my neck. When I use the oil at night, I wake up the next morning with a nice glow. I can actually see a difference in my skin. Fortunately, the oil does not provide a typical "oily face", by that I mean that the oil is absorbed by the skin and does not look oily. ''

Jan Erik writes that Active Face Oil provides good moisture and that the oil helps stressed skin. Active Face Oil got Full Score!

The review continues with Reload Night Serum:

reload night serum

''The product has a fragrance that is very masculine with hints of tea tree oil, but this fragrance disappears quickly when applied to the skin. The oil and fragrance both looks and smells similar to Active Face Oil, but the effect is still a great deal different.

The oil is applied at night and can be used either alone or as a serum. I choose often to use it as is serum under a night cream. The result is something more fervor than what Active Fail Oil does, something I suspect is the effect of AHA acid in oil that helps to remove dead skin cells.''

Jan Erik concludes the review with these words:

'' This two oils (or serums) comes in handy in the winter where dry air often creates a huge imbalance in the skin. It's rare that I recommend products made for men simply because I do not find as many of these products that is good, compared to what exists on the market of unisex products, but these hold absolute standard as I see it. ''

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