Package deal - Amaranth Night Serum & Amaranth Face Oil - 30 ML

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Amaranth Night Serum & Amaranth Face Oil - Luxurious anti age 


This is a package containing two natural and organic facial oils / serum (30 ml) that complement each other:


Facial oil for the day

Amaranth Face Oil is formulated with oil from amaranth, hemp and wild rosehip that will provide deep moisture. The skin becomes ultra-soft and gives a radiant glow. Smells light and exotic of mandarin and ylang ylang.

You can read more about Amaranth Face Oil here >>

○ Provides ultra-deep moisture and reduces lines.

○ 100% natural and 78% certified organic.

○ Arctic cranberry active antioxidants that increase elasticity and prevent premature skin aging.


Facial serum for the night

Amaranth Night Serum is a luxurious anti-age night serum that renews, rejuvenates and tightens the skin while you sleep. The serum is formulated with amaranth, apricot, argan, chia and natural fruit acids from blueberry and orange extracts that stimulate the production of fresh, new cells. The fruit acids help the oils to draw even deeper into the skin.

The night serum smells lightly of orange and flowers. The skin becomes smooth, soft and resilient.

You can read more about Amaranth Night Serum here >>.


○ Firming and innovative

○ 100% natural and 90% certified organic.

○ Use only 2-3 nights a week. In the evenings you use this serum you use this product ONLY. The other nights you use Amaranth Face Oil.



Always shake the bottles well before use to bring all the goodies with you in every drop. Remember that only 4-6 drops is enough.

30 ml per bottle

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