Package Deal For Men - Reload Night Serum & Active Face Oil - 28 ML

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Reload Night Serum & Active Face Oil

Skin type: All skin types

This is a package for men which contains 2 natural and organic face oil / serum that complement each other:


Face Oil for the day

Active Face Oil contains olive leaf extract that will bring active antioxidants deep into the skin. It maintains the skin, provides deep moisture without clogging the pores and absorbs quickly. You can read more about Active Face Oil here >>

○ Provides good moisture and a fresh complexion.

○ 100% natural and 77% certified organic.

○ Perfect after shaving or to give luster to his beard.

Face Serum for the night

Reload Night Serum exfoliates, break down dead skin cells and prepares the skin so that the pure oils and herbs in the Active Face Oil works optimally. The skin is renewed and saturated with moisture and glow. You can read more about Reload Night Serum here >>

○ A really powerful serum that renews the skin during the night.

○ 100% natural and 78% certified organic

○ Use it only 2-3 nights a week and it's therefore very durable in use.


Always shake the bottle well before use so that you catch all of the goodies in every drop.


28 ml pr bottle

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