Face cloth - Organic Muslin Cloth

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Light exfoliating face cloth in 100% organic cotton

A lovely muslin cloth made of certified organic cotton. This cloth is handmade by skilled artisans in India. You can read more here about the origin of this cloth and its sustainable production.

Our muslin cloth is pleasantly soft, but also just coarse enough that you can use it as a light mechanical scrub together with Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser. Your skin will feel fresh and clean as you have gently scrubbed away dead skin cells to reveal new and healthy skin.

Using the muslin cloth in your daily skin care routine will give you a new and relaxing feeling of well-being. It is incredibly comfortable and the skin will have a smoother texture and a fresh glow. Your skincare products may also penetrate deeper and work better with daily use of the muslin cloth.

Remember to wash the cloth before use!

○ Gentle daily exfoliation of the skin

○ Perfect to use with a facial cleanser for a 'scrub effect'

○ Environmentally friendly and can be used again and again


How to use the muslin cloth

The muslin cloth is perfect to use with our Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser for an extra exfoliating effect. It can also be used to wash away face makeup. Can be used daily.

1. Wet the cloth in lukewarm water and twist it to remove excess water.

2. Scrub with light pressure in circular motions.

3. Rinse off the residue of the cleanser and enjoy soft and refreshed skin.


The cloth is also nice to use for washing off the Rosehip Peeling Mask or the Shea Hydration Mask. This increases the experience of the face masks and has a relaxing effect. How to use the cloth with our face masks:

1. Wet the cloth in hot water and twist out excess water.

2. Place the warm cloth over your face, apply light pressure and slowly wipe off the product, rinse the cloth again in hot water.

3. Repeat until your face is completely washed clean. Apply your favorite serum or face oil and enjoy glowy, healthy skin.


How to wash the cloth

The cloth must be washed before use. Wash in the washing machine up to 60 degrees. The cloth will shrink by about 5%. This is completely normal and expected of this type of fabric. The cloth is of high quality and can therefore it can be washed countless times.


sjekk100% Natural Cotton

sjekkCertified organic by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)



25 x 25 cm

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