Package Deal - Geranium Face Oil & Argan Night Serum - 30 ML

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Argan Night Serum & Geranium Face Oil (Acne Fight Serum)

Skin type: Oily / Acne / Combined

This is a package that contains two natural and organic face oil / serum that complement each other:


Facial Oil for the day

Geranium Face Oil (Acne Fight Serum) is a facial oil that absorbs quickly and balances the skin. It is lightweight and has a pleasant fragrance of rose and herbs. You can read more about Geranium Face Oil (Acne Fight Serum) here >>

○ Adds moisture while balancing oily skin.

○ 100% natural and 70% certified organic.

○ Overproduction of oil declines, the skin is dulled and left balanced, smooth and clear.


Face Serum for the night

Argan Night Serum has a fresh grapefruit and tangerine scent that and it's rich in vitamins and will provide intense nourishment and smooth the skin. It exfoliates and breaks down dead skin cells and prepares the skin so that the pure oils and herbs in our Acne Fight Serum works optimally. You can read more about the Argan Night Serum here >>

○ A real boost to the skin that balances and smoothes.

○ 100% natural and 92% certified organic.

○ Very durable in use.



Always shake the bottle well before use so that you include all of the goodies in every drop.

30 ml pr bottle


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