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Myths and facts about probiotics

Did you know that our founder, Marina Engervik, writes professional articles for the Norwegian beauty industry magazine 'Kosmetikk'? They recently published an article on probiotics that Marina has written. Here... Read More

Interview in The Green Parent magazine

Our founder, Marina Engervik, was recently interviewed in The Green Parent magazine in England. This magazine also recently had an award for natural beauty products where we won 3 awards!... Read More
Interview in The Green Parent magazine
Interview in norwegian magazine Kamille

Interview in norwegian magazine Kamille

In June 2019, the Norwegian fashion magazine, Kamille, interviewed our entrepreneur, Marina Engervik. Here you can read the interview, translated from Norwegian:   “PEOPLE STARTED TO CALL ME AND WANTED... Read More

Interview by COSTUME

The Miracle oil Marina Engervik worked as a saleswoman but has always dreamed of selling her own products. When her homemade oil turned out to be a big hit among friends... Read More
Costume interview with Marina
Nordique interview on organic skincare

Interview in Nordique

A Norwegian miracle Nordique is delighted to collaborate with Norwegian skincare company Marina Miracle, a producer of high quality, luxurious and organic skin are ranges.We chatted with founder and director... Read More

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