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Marina Miracle launched in the Netherlands and Belgium

June 02 2018 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Marina Miracle Nederland Belgia Hanne og Joost

Marina Miracle is now represented in the Netherlands and Belgium. It was Hanne and Joost from the Netherlands who contacted us. Hanne wanted to take a unique and natural skin care brand on the market in the Netherlands because she saw that this was missing on the market and that there was a great potential for Scandinavian products.

After using our products for a period and noticing that we won several prizes, her choice was clear, she wanted to launch Marina Miracle in the Netherlands together with Joost, who has education and good marketing experience. With Hanne's expertise in skin care and entrepreneurship, we believe that Hanne and Joost will be a dream team and that they will make Marina Miracle big in both the Netherlands and in Belgium.


Interview with Hanne in a newspaper in the Netherlands

Hanne nederland belgia marina miracle

Hanne was recently interviewed by a newspaper in the Netherlands about bringing Marina Miracle into the Netherlands and her thoughts around it. She says:

“I have always been interested in make-up and skin care, and we wanted to start our own company. I have used the Marina Miracle products myself for a while now and seen a real improvement in my skin because the ingredients are all-natural. It is 98% organic, vegan, cruelty-free and probiotic. All the ingredients are pure, so, for example, if it contains argan oil it is pure. The world sells 1.5 times more argan oil than it produces, which means it is often watered down with other oils, so it is not pure. Natural oils are better because they soak into your skin due to the oil that you already have in your skin. If you use chemical products, they will clog up the skin.''

Hanne and Joost now work as a franchise and will represent Marina Miracle in the Netherlands and Belgium.