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Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden

June 29 2020 – Martin Engervik

Grand hotel saltsjöbaden

It is easy to get a wonderful feeling when you arrive at the Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden which opened in 1893. At this hotel both royal and Hollywood stars have stayed and important political meetings and agreements held place here. The hotel is full of history and has a unique feeling to it. The hotel is located in Stockholm, Sweden and is well worth a visit.

This luxury hotel also has an amazing SPA, the Grand Spa, where you can enjoy a relaxing and natural skin care treatment with Marina Miracle products. We are so proud of our distributors in Sweden, Tree of Brands, who signed this agreement with one of Sweden's finest hotels!

Grand hotel saltsjöbaden

Grand hotel

grand hotel dining room


grand hotel spa

grand hotel spa 2

grand hotel

Grand hotel spa