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BEST EXFOLIATOR - The Janey Loves 2019 Platinum Awards

September 12 2019 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Rosehip Peeling Mask - Best Exfoliator

Yesss! Our fantastic Rosehip Peeling Mask won an award: 'Best Exfoliator' in the Janey Loves 2019 Platinum Awards!

This is an amazing award to win. The Janey Loves Awards is an authentic ambassador of natural lifestyle and skin care that creates awareness and prestige. We are so happy and so proud!

Rosehip Peeling Mask is now an multi-award winning product and one of our best selling products also. Did you know that also contains probiotic fermented juices from sprouts from broccoli, alfalfa and tomatoes? (Learn more about our probiotics in skin care here.)

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 The Janey Loves 2019 Platinum Awards - Marina Miracle