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October 05 2015 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

Betty Maria is a German, wonderful lady who just moved to Norway. She blogs about fashion and beauty. When she came to Norway she needed something that gave her extra moisture in the cold Norwegian weather, it was then she discovered our products and now she has written a great review on her blog.

bettymariastyle blogger om marina miracle

She writes this about Herbal Face Oil:

''The Herbal Face Oil made my skin glow after only two days of using it and I was hooked...The skin doesn’t feel greasy after using it but simply soft. Especially in winter I find it tricky to find the right skincare for me as my skin tends to get dry but products that are too rich make me break out. So I was more than happy to see that Marina Miracle’s Face Oil is just the right amount of moisturizing and makes occasional spots fade even faster.''

Bettymaria continues about the Argan Night Serum:

''I can definitely say that my skin looks more radiant and pores are less visible, probaly due to the fact that this serum removes dead skin cells and renews the skin. As recommended I used it about 3 nights a week on cleansed skin. I absolutely love it!''

bettymaria herbal face oil

Betty Maria was impressed with our Eyelash Serum. This is what she writes on her blog:

''We all know lash growth serums but an eyelash care that you apply directly to your lashes was completely new to me. After using it every night for the last few weeks I wonder why I had never thought about eyelash care before. I use oil on my hair to make it stay shiny and grow longer, so why not do the same to your lashes? The serum promises to prevent lash loss and make lashes grow healthier and stronger with several vitamins and argan oil. A pleasent immediate effect of this serum is that lashes look more shiny and darker (which is particularly nice for us blondes). It seems that this effect lasts longer and longer now, not only right after applying it. My lashes actually appear a bit stronger and healthier and more visible even without mascara.''

Thank you so much to for the honest review about our products.