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Kamilla Haaland reviews Argan Night Serum from Marina Miracle

October 05 2015 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

kamillahaaland tester marina miracle argan night serum

Kamilla Haaland is a super clever Femellblogger and she has tested our Argan Night Serum.

Kamilla says: '' Thought I would recommend a product I've tested a few moments. It's not very often I recommend products, so it speaks for itself I like them really well! Its a 100% natural night serum from Marina Miracle. ''

kamilla Haaland tests marina miracle argan night serum

Photo: Kamilla Haaland /

''The serum moisturizes dry skin and balances oily skin, gives new glow to tired and sallow skin, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, removes dead skin cells so that new, healthy cells appear and tones the skin. Now I'm not concerned about wrinkles and that kind just yet, but prevention is the great. For my part it is all about moisture. My cheeks are often so dry that I can scrape off skin as if it was eczema spots. It is good to have a serum like this that tend my skin through the night. I found this is absolutely excellent! - Also, it smells so fresh and well!''

Check out her blog for Kamilla Haaland here!
Argan Night Serum
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