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Herbal Face Oil in Norwegian magazine 'KK'

October 05 2015 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik


It is with great thanks to KK that fronts our Herbal Face Oil as ''The Beauty Product Of The Day''!

KK writes:

"Because we live in a dry climate our skin needs a lot of moisture. In the winter and cold weather our skin needs our extra nourishing products. Oils are completely sovereign to use now. They contain natural ingredients that both repairs, protects and boostes skin so that it has the best possible hydration.

Herbal Face Oil is a nice smelling face oil that absorbs quickly into the skin and makes it soft. It nourishes the skin with oils from jojoba and raspberries, and is rich in nourishing vitamins and protective antioxidants. The product is also suitable for blemished skin.

Big plus that the product is Norwegian!"