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Face Oil For Men

October 04 2015 – Martin Engervik

real men needs to hydrate with active face oil

Active Face Oil and Reload Night Serum - Norwegian all natural face oil and night serum for men. Because men also need natural daily maintenance of their skin!

Our face oil for men are carefully tested and formulated in terms of a man's skin. The oils smells masculine and gives deep moisture to the skin, as well as active nutrients that rebuilds the skin and prevents premature aging. The oils will also protect the skin from the elements because of its high natural content of lipids. 



No men polishes their car before they have washed it clean. The same principle applies to your skin. You have to remove impurities and dirt before applying moisture to the skin. This prevents clogging the pores. You can wash your face with our natural cleanser. Cleanse your skin both morning and evening followed by the face oil!


The bottles must always be shaken before use because the different ingredients have different "heaviness" and separates after a little while. Firmly shake the bottle before every use.


Drip 4-6 drops in your hand and apply all over the face. Remember that your skin will only absorb the oil it needs, don't use too many drops! If you feel that the oil does not pull in, you most likely used too many drops. Next time you try with one less drop.

 May face oil be combined with cream? It is certainly possible to use face oil as a serum to provide extra nutrition under the face cream. Apply first oil, then cream.